BEcoming YOU

A beautiful 6 Step Transformational Journey

Unearth What Really Matters To You



A powerful, new, and unique system to help you move from Uncertainty & Self Doubt to a space of Inspired Clarity & Inner strength leading to Abundant Growth & Joy in Life, Career & Business

 Make the next chapter of your life the most inspired yet!

YES I'm Ready

BEcoming YOU

A beautiful 6 Step Transformational Journey

Unearth What Really Matters To You


A powerful, new and unique system to help you move from Uncertainty & Self Doubt to a space of Inspired Clarity & Inner strength leading to Abundant Growth & Joy in Life, Career & Business

 Make the next chapter of your life the most inspired yet!

YES I'm Ready

Hello I'm Chris Ross,

I designed BEcoming YOU -

This powerful, yet simple journey was born from personal adversity.

BEcoming YOU isn't just another self-help course; it's the key to unlocking your potential for success in every aspect of your life. Whether it's your career, relationships, or personal well-being, this journey equips you with the tools and insights to navigate life with ease and flow. 

We offer a few ways to find this freedom in your life:-

1- A self paced online version designed for those who like to work at their own speed,  a pre-recorded simple, yet powerful 6 module program with support from me via comments online.

2- A live version run via Zoom over 8 weeks with a select group where we dive deep into each module. The support and encouragement is next level and the  testimonials are proof.

3- Personal 1-1 Coaching through the 6 steps. An intermit journey designed specifically for you. The results are life changing.

Join us on this journey and start rewriting your story today. Isn't it time you started to live life in flow and with easy?

That's exactly what you'll experience as you step into the journey of  BEcoming YOU.


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Most people think that it’s too late for them to make a change in life!

It’s so easy to fall into that trap,

that old belief that you're not worthy and you are certainly not alone!

Does this sound familiar:

1-Are you among the countless, gorgeous people who have suspended their deepest desires to put other’s needs before their own? I've been there too 🙋🏼‍

2-You often forget about your own well-being leaving you mentally and emotionally exhausted at the end of the day? I completely understand you 🙋🏼‍

3-You sense there’s something “missing” in your Life, Career or Business, a gap between where you are and where you'd hoped to be? I have navigated that path as well 🙋🏼‍

4-You’ve experienced a life-changing event in your life that has left you questioning-What is it all about? I walked that path too

5-You've been feeling overwhelmed by life, anxious, disconnected, invisible, pretending to others that life is good when you just want to run away? I hear you

Does any of that resonate with you? It certainly did for me.

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But here’s the big problem:

How do you know where to find help?

Who do you trust to support you on this journey?

And what do you do when that inner voice tells you

“It’ll never work for you”

“You haven’t got time to look after yourself”,

“You can’t afford it”,

“You’ve tried these courses before” on and on it goes, right?

I hear you and I understand you because I’ve been there too.

That’s why I designed BEcomingYOU, a powerful yet simple 6 step program taking people from uncertainty and self doubt to a space of Inspired Clarity and Inner Strength.

It changed my life and countless other lives too, I have over 27 years of business experience, guiding other's to find their passions, coming back from the dark side, I've learnt a thing or two, right, and I am passionate about sharing it with YOU

It's Never Too Late!


Do You know the 80/20 Rule?

  The Pareto principle states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes (the "vital few").

In life this rule is often used to explain that 80% of humans understand that they have a problem/challenge but only 20% will ever take the  steps to make a courageous decision, expand their comfort zone and take actionable steps  toward a desired dreams! 
20%! So you are in the top projectile beautiful one!🎉

You deserve to live a fulfilling life aligned with what really matters to YOU!

WHY? Because the stronger we are Emontionally, the better we are in Life, Career and Business! Absolutely no doubt at all!

Following what really matters to YOU with Clarity & Confidence will bring abundant Growth, Joy and endless possibilities, and myself and countless others are testament to that!

So what is it costing you to keep living an unauthentic life, suppressing who you really are?

What would the impact be of another 12 months stuck in the same repeat episodes for you, your wealth, your health, your happiness, your family?

Be honest with yourself! What is it costing you to NOT live your life aligned with what really matters to you?

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Well here it is, a powerful, new, unique system designed to help YOU move from uncertainty & self doubt to a  space of Inspired Clarity and Inner Strength!

This is my passion...

To serve people who are ready to unearth and align their Life, Career & Business with What Really Matter's to them- The power of Emotional Well-Being to change your life.

You see... I know what it feels like to lose everything and start again! To nurse elderly parents through the end stages of life.   To raise a family.   Manage three successful businesses.   

And then, one ordinary day, to have my life pivoted 180 degrees by one phone call.

 I slipped into a very dark place for many years after this life changing event that left me wondering WHY and completely lost.

However, It was during this time that I discovered how turning my Pain into my Passion helped me move from a place of uncertainty and so many self doubts to a place of Hope, Joy and Possibility, that I designed BEcomingYOU, a beautiful transformational 6 step program to help other's going through challenging times, to move from uncertainty and self-doubt to finding their inspired clarity and inner strength that is always there just waiting for you to reconnect with her!

BEcomingYOU is a simple, yet powerful system that will make the next chapter of your life extra-ordinary!

Don't just take my word for it, read the testimonials.


BE Come YOU-Make the next chapter extra-ordinary

Wouldn’t it be amazing to learn how to stop self-sabotaging yourself?

You know precisely what I am talking about. that inner voice of -

"I'll be happy when....

"I'm not good enough for....

How do you live life with less anxiety, stress, and confusion?

By knowing what really matters to YOU and learning to live life by your unique VALUES

WHY live your life aligned with what really matters to you?

There is great power in knowing what really matters to YOU! You gain a sense of purpose, inspired clarity and inner strength, leading to abundant JOY & GROWTH in your Life, Career and Business and isn’t that what we all want?


BEcomingYOU- A Beautiful, Transformational Journey
With Chris Ross

I believe YOUR success in Life, Career & Business will be found through 


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🎁 Bonuses

1x 1:1 30 min Coaching Sessions with Chris for all programs, at a time that suits you

Access to my Private Facebook group to share all your success, challenges and just to chat with the women in your group all supporting and championing you on this journey

2x Bonus support modules on the LIVE version of the journey to ensure you reach your Goals



Confidence in Decision-Making: Feel empowered and confident in your decisions, leading to greater success and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Accessing Inner Wisdom: Tap into your intuitive, wise self for guidance and support, enabling you to navigate challenges with grace and resilience, and make choices that align with your highest good.

Receiving Abundance: Open your heart to receive all the abundance and opportunities that the universe has to offer, leading to a life of prosperity, and fulfillment.

Living by Choice, Not Chance: Take control of your destiny and live life by choice, not by chance, as you consciously create the life you desire and deserve.

Establishing Clear Boundaries: Set clear boundaries that are respected by others, allowing you to protect your energy, maintain healthy relationships, and prioritize your well-being.

Aligned Standards and Expectations: Establish standards and expectations that are aligned with your values and goals, supporting you on your journey to personal and professional success.

Knowing Your Path with Certainty: Gain clarity on your life's direction and purpose, empowering you to confidently pursue your goals and aspirations with clarity and conviction.

Rediscovering Hope, Joy, and Love: Above all, rediscover a sense of hope, joy, and love in your life as you embrace your authentic self and live a life filled with purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

So what's the investment?

To be honest, I have so underpriced this journey it’s a bit embarrassing, but you know what... I don’t care, I just want to be able to share this life-changing journey with as many people as I can reach.

I’ve been told by the “experts” to sell it for $1200 or more...

But I’m going to offer it to you for way less than this because I dearly want you to join this journey!

So here’s the deal for all those looking to Rise into their Courage & Greatness……

BEcoming YOU - Self-Paced Course


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I’ll even offer you a 14-day No Risk, No Buyer’s
Remorse Money Back

No questions asked!

It’s really important to me that you are happy with this investment- so that’s why I have a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

You can experience the first 2 modules of the journey knowing that if you really hate it or don’t see the value, you can get 95% of your money back, no questions asked.

Of course I think you’ll love it as much as I do, but I want you to buy it knowing I’ve taken away all the risk and I am committed to supporting you to get the most out of this investment in YOU!



New Journey Begins early July 2024


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