Hello there! I'm Chris. 

I’m a woman whose experienced so much of life, marriage, a mother of two grown, beautiful children, a mother-in-law, a grandmother, sister, friend, and an entrepreneur for over 27 years, and an Emotional Well Being coach from Brisbane.

I've supported and encouraged women to believe in themselves all my work life.

And now I'm on a mission to help all women move from Uncertainty to Inspired Clarity 

Why? Because I've discovered personally over the years, that finding what your heart really wants for you brings a life full of flow & joy, instead of feeling like you have no control or things are happening to you instead of for you

When you know your Values you always have this anchor, your inner compass, to support, nurture and guide you to live life fully on your terms.

Imagine, living life in flow with what really matters to you and being able to let go of all that no longer serves you, that draining job, the relationship that is sapping you of your essence, that desire to fulfill a dream you've held within you, to gaining clarity and confidence to take the first steps toward all that you truly long for and deserve in this life.  

Knowing your unique values means having the courage TO BE YOU!

My Mission...

To serve women who are ready to unearth and align their Life, Career & Business with What Really Matter's to them- The power of Emotional Well-Being to change your life.

You see... I know what it feels like to lose everything and start again! To nurse elderly parents through the end stages of life.   To raise a family.   Manage three multi-awarding winning businesses.   

And then, one ordinary day, to have my life pivoted 180 degrees by one phone call.

Finding our inner strength to support our son through a traumatic accident that changed not only his life but all my family’s lives. 

Just Any Ordinary Day, just ordinary people discovering our extra-ordinary strengths.

 Rising into our greatness to bring our only son home from a third-world county via an emergency, medical evacuation back to Australia.

The sudden change in our lives when we had to be on a plane in 24 hours heading across the country to Perth to await his arrival, not knowing if he was going to survive the journey. 

The long, emotional, and traumatic return to home and the mental and physical recovery from a Spinal Cord injury that left our beautiful, courageous son, a paraplegic

I slipped into a very dark place for many years after this life changing event that left me wondering WHY and completly lost.

It was during this time that I discovered how turning my Pain into my Passion helped me move from a place of uncertainty and so many self doubts to a place of Hope, Joy and Possibility, that I designed BEcomingYOU, a beautiful transformational 6 step program to help other women going through a life changing time, to move from uncertainty and self-doubt to finding their inspired clarity and inner strength that is always there just waiting for you to reconnect with her!

BEcomingYOU is a simple, yet powerful system that will make the next chapter of your life extra-ordinary!


A 6-part Journey to unearth & reclaim those lost parts of yourself and align your life with what you deeply love and long for.

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