What  Will Our Journey Together Look Like? 

PART 1: A Conscious Visualisation

We dive deep to explore our ideal future that’s perfectly aligned with your heart’s true values. We need to begin with a clear vision of what we deeply desire so we know our WHY

PART 2: Beliefs + Mindset

We explore our beliefs to unearth what's no longer supporting us, so that we can begin to change our mindset to be empowering.  Beliefs + Empowering Mindset = Lifechanging

PART 3: Attributes

We'll Uncover the traits & strengths  that you already have within you that will support, empower & nourish You into the future

PART 4: Standards


We'll discover your "non-negotiables" that you can use to sustain, support and guide you, set clear boundaries by, as you move forward

PART 5: Expectations

Here we explore our Expectations for ourselves & others and learn how to set realistic, empowering expectations that will support and nurture our heart & mind 

PART 6: Your Unique Values

To Unearth our Hearts True Values we explore the past modules to reveal our deepest, truest Values. We reveal your unique, personal Values 

Your Values aligned with your heart

Unearth Your Heart's True Values

An Emotional Well-Being Journey

What are Values?

Values are an emotional state we want to experience of a consistent basis. Knowing your Values will give you Clarity & Confidence to make clear, precise decisions in any situation that life shows you.

Where do they come from?

Values come from our beliefs, our perception of reality    Each one of us has a set of Values that are as unique to us as we are to this planet

Are the values you hold at the moment Yours?

Or have you unconsciously “inherited” them from friends, family, or society in general? Have you ever taken the time to truly explore What Really Matter's To You?

Why are Values the single most important factor for us to Uneath?

Our values give us purpose, the energy to keep moving forward. Values give you the courage to stand in your Integrity, your Wholeness, your True Self

Knowing your values will support you to set clear boundaries, boundaries around What Really Matters to You.

Your True North Star - your inner compass and anchor in a safe harbour.

So, how do we begin this journey?

I would love to help you with that. I created “Unearth your heart's True Values” , a 6-part journey to support you on your Path-to connect to all the lost parts of yourself and align your life with what you deeply love and long for.

This is your first step towards your own emotional wellbeing, to help you to find the clarity and confidence you desire, so that you can do what really matters to you with Energy and Purpose.

Once you Unearth Your Heart's True Values you will begin to live Life by Choice and Not by Chance

You'll no longer waste time on people, situations, jobs, life choices that sap you of your peace and equanimity 

You will have a clear set of tools that you can use everytime you need to choose, with ease,confidence and compassion for yourself and others

I encourage you to take this step for You, the You that knows she wants more abundance, more integrity, more health, more love, more respect, because You are Worthy, Enough & Lovable


Unearth Your Heart's True Values

Unearth Your Heart's True Values


Welcome to

"Unearth Your Hearts True Values Program"

—Self-Paced Values Journey—


Do you prefer to work at your own pace?

To have the freedom to explore the content when it suits you, rather than having too much structure and schedules?

Then the “Self-Paced Values Journey” will support you.

While this format is ready for you 24/7, we’ll still have a 30min coaching session together during your program.

Plus, I am always just an email away to answer your questions or to support you in any way that you need.

Head2Heart is holding this sacred space for your beautiful heart to open the whole way through, so you are never on your own.



  • 6x easy-to-follow online learning modules to help you unearth your heart’s true values
  • BONUS-1x 30min 1:1 Values coaching session with Chris -Value $150
  • 24/7 learning platform and lifetime access
  • “Design Your Dream Future: Conscious Visualisation” workbook
  • BONUS-Recorded audio and video meditations set to gentle, calming music to guide your journey- VALUE - $150
  • Practical worksheets with every module for you to explore your values
  • Access to Head2Heart’s private Facebook group with weekly Q&A sessions for support-VALUE - Priceless 
  • TOTAL BONUS VALUE- $300 + Discount special of $300 OFF = $600 of value 
  • One Time Payment❤️‍🔥

P.P.S.  Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions


Unearth Your Heart's True Values


A self-paced 6-Part Journey module course